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World Class Surgeons and Doctors with a decade of Expertise both in Bangkok Thailand and Seoul Korea.
Surgeons who are pioneers in their field to Celebrity doctors on Makeover shows. 
From every step of a patients surgery to recovery, we take good care. Our expert team will be there every step of the way. 


For transgender men and women planning to go through gender reassignment surgery, it seems daunting. There may be a lack of information in some countries and the surgeries may not be available. However, Thailand is undeniably the best place in the world for gender reassignment surgery and facial feminization surgery. 



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Why choose us

Our Patients get the Best surgery with the best doctors.
We work with only government licensed hospitals and clinics in Korea and Thailand. 
  • We guarantee you the best prices from top ranked plastic surgery clinics offering top notch quality services.
  • We are a team of Doctors, Surgeons and Aesthetic nurses.
  • Amo Aesthetics also provide training courses for doctors and nurses in the field of Aesthetic medicine.
  • A complete anti aging solution from Diet and Nutrition to holistic and Naturopathic treatments.

World famous Surgeons from Television makeover shows, to Surgeons who create beauty Pageant winners. Have your surgery with the best & the most experienced Professionals in the Aesthetic Medical Field. 

Surgery and wellness packages with airport pick up / drop off. Nurse care and daily nurse visits. Massage therapy and nutrition for post surgery recovery. Hotel booking and tour guide for Bangkok Thailand and Seoul Korea. 


KOREA - With the highest rate of cosmetic surgeries in the world and nearly 1 million procedures a year, South Korea is called the world's plastic surgery capital.

Korea is one of the best places for high-quality plastic surgery. The reason for this is the high demand for quality, natural-looking results. And the more patients there are, the more competition there is among surgeons. Korean hospitals are also technologically advanced and have very low rate of medical accidents and malpractice.


THAILAND - is leading the world as a medical tourism destination, earning a staggering $100 billion usd. Thailand is internationally known for having the best Gender reassignment surgeons  as well as having hospitals that are incredibly advanced and look like Luxury hotels.


We only use best and safest internationally accredited hospitals in Bangkok. All our hospitals in Bangkok are accredited by the international JCI Hospital Accreditation organisation and all our Clincs are Thai government registered with Board certified and internationally trained Plastic surgeons and doctors. 

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1 - Option A - Have surgery with Board Certified Surgeons with a low cost package.

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2- Option B - Have surgery with our Popular in-demand Surgeons with the Average price range.

Gold package


3- Option C - have your surgery with our Top - Rated world class Famous Surgeons at a higher rate. Diamond package.