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Gender Reassignment Surgery

  • Thailand is undeniably the best place in the world for carrying out gender reassignment surgeries.
  • Doctors have a vast amount of experience and are regularly carrying out the procedures without complications.
  • Our doctors can make beautiful results. 
  • Safety comes first with a proven track record.
  • Specialised surgeons in the field of SRS

We have special medical and beauty packages for SRS surgeries: full MTF and FTM surgery procedures with the best Plastic surgeons in the world for gender reassignment.

FUE hair transplant
PRP hair loss treatments
Mesotherapy for hair loss

Hair transplant

Hair loss treatments

PRP stemcell fat transfer to fill in sunken areas of the face, as well as Fat grafting for breast and buttocks. 

Fat transfer 

Korean face and body makeover surgey is the best in the world. Using the latest technology such as 3D imaging, robotic surgery and latest surgery techniques for fast recovery and healing.


Highly skilled surgeons to make you look your best!

Full body and face make over Korea

3d Jaw surgery and V-line surgery by Thailand's celebrity surgeons